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Fashion Forward Web Design...

Fashion changes with time, and what used to be considered good-looking few years ago is not necessarily perceived the same today.

A modern website is more likely to attract your visitor’s attention and keep them at your site. If people aren’t attracted to your website, and able to find what they need at a glance, they will move on to the next site. Web surfers have no human contact - and short attention spans. The first impression is the only impression you will make on visitors to your site.

Goal Oriented Design...

If visitors land on your website and can't find what they're looking for within seconds, they will leave and look elsewhere. They have come to you with a need; your challenge is to ensure that they find what they came for. The goal of the website is defined at the start, and the entire site is designed around that goal so that your visitors don't leave with a hasty click.

Going The Extra Mile...

All files used to create your website are permanently archived for later use. These archives include all of native files used to create the graphics for your site. The advantage is that these files can then be used at a later date to create other marketing material following the same style; giving you a high degree of uniformity to be used in all of your marketing material.

All graphics are designed using powerful and flexible Adobe software, which allows for exporting files into multiple formats. This allows your logo to be used for print, silk screening, embroidery, CNC milling, plasma cutting, and virtually any other application imaginable with pixel perfect precision.

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Success Story - "Next Level Auto Detailing"

Read The Success Story: Next Level Auto Detailing, LLC

Next Level Auto Detailing, LLC is a mobile auto detailing company in Scottsdale AZ. Being a "start-up" company, the owner came to me with a plan to create an all out marketing blitz to get his company off the ground.

First, we created a striking website with an eye-catching gallery. He was clear in what he wanted for the layout of the site; all black with a silver menu bar with some stylish mouse over effects. He wanted images of luxury auto manufacturer logos in the header. He also wanted the gallery to draw people in.

Next, we created a logo that reflected the character of his business. The logo needed to be elegant, and look good on either a black or white background.

Then we created his marketing material: business cards, flyers, postcards, and price lists - all aimed at drawing attention to his professionalism and dedication to quality and service. This effort was capped off by vinyl graphics applied to his company vehicle.

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Graphics and Graphic Design

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Create Your Corporate Identity...

Every business has a look, feel and personality specific to each company's requirements and desires. This is often called the "Corporate Identity". This branding technique can be seen across the company's broad range of marketing material such as business cards, brochures, posters, billboards, company vehicle graphics, television advertisements, and in their website.

There are several reasons that this is important part of a successful marketing campaign. It brings a look of professionalism to your customers, and creates a uniform appearance which allows your customers to identify your brand at a glance. This helps you create a good first impression, and leaves a lasting impression on all of your customers.

Visual Solutions...

The first step in creating your visual solution is to determine your specific needs, the message the design should portray, and its appeal to customers or users. Among the factors considered in planning, creating, and executing a design are physical locale, accepted standards within your specific industry, and social factors. Relevant information is gathered during our conversations, and I perform my own research to aid in your decision making. Identifying your needs is paramount for developing communication strategies in addition to creating designs and layouts.

Finding Your Marketing Opportunities...

There are many opportunities available for you to market your business. Business cards, brochures, signage, vehicle graphics, pamphlets and flyers are a staple to most businesses. But there are other opportunities that you can capitalize on, such as creating video demonstrations and "commercials" for your business to be displayed on your website or on third-party sites such as YouTube. These videos can be stylized to suit your taste and contain any number of effects and animations.

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Success Story - "Evolution Foundation"

Image from Evolution Foundation website designed by Brian Lietz

Evolution Foundation is a non-profit organization for providing assistance to the children of Honduras by building community centers. Their primary goal was to create a website to collect donations. They also needed other marketing material to assist in the promotion of their charity work.

We started with a logo based on some sketches that were hand-drawn. Then we built the website with a goal of being able to expand the site as the organization grows. We then created business cards based on the visual styling of the website.

The website features a section displaying the blueprints for the first community center. As the site grows, we will be adding images of the construction of the center, the grand opening, and the center being used by children.

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